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Osgood Construction, home builder to Fairfield Connecticut.

Our ancestor William Osgood arrived in New England in 1638. He immediately began helping build the town of Amherst Massachusets. Since then the Osgood name has been associated with enduring values and quality in American home building throughout New England.

Home building, additions and remodelling for distinctive Fairfield CT clientelle.

Osgood Construction specializes in taking your classical, colonial of contemporary building architecture and bringing it to the next level. Whether architect assisted or you design it yourself, the sky is the limit with Osgood. We help steer your remodeling construction to success in the historic standards of New England's Fairfield County's home builders.

Home building, remodeling and construction delivered on-time and on-budget.

Remodels, additions and rennovations require more care and art than new construction. Realistic time lines and experience help guide your addition project to predictable success. This minimizes disruptions to your family and lifestyle. We're builders of houses and we're builders of homes.

Make your house truly your own home. Make it to last.

As New England home builders we build to last hundreds of years. Each home is a testament to lasting values which will live for generations. This takes careful planning and consideration. Let us help you get started today. Call 203-240-9607 for a consultation and appointment.

Our complete building, addition and rennovation services to your Fairfiled CT home include:

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Your house is your home. Your home is your castle. A Fairfield CT home is a legacy. Your builder should protect this legacy.

Osgood Construction company profile:

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Meet our president and builder-in-chief, Drew D. Osgood.

Happily married and proud father of two, Drew enjoys close extended family and friends throughout our Fairfield CT and NY area. His hobbies include camping, fishing and his growing collection of motorcycles. Here's his picture. Don't he look great? Contact Drew directly by clicking here.

Communities served:

We build in Bethel, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Danbury, Darien, Easton. We're a builder in Greenwich, New Canaan, New Fairfield, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield and Stamford. We're builders in Weston, Westport, Wilton and all points in between.

What can I expect in the construction process?

We build homes in Fairfield county like most construction projects. The three phases are planning, execution and the conclusion being your final inspections before you get to inhabit your new space. Let's examine them in more detail.

  1. Planning. Many building project fail due to bad planning. Changes made to plans are the major cause of cost-overruns. An experienced home builder plans every detail and include these in price and time projections. Additionally, other experts such as architects, engineers or artists may be involved in your project which require scheduling. Finally, Mother Nature has her own schedule which the builder must take into account.
  2. Execution or building phase. Building projects can be more like choreography than weight lifting. Each task must be performed in order. Each tradesman's job flows into the next. Good planning pays off as each professional knows their exact job so few discussions are necessary. A tightly managed schedule helps a builder achieve delivery goals.
  3. Conclusion. As for many things in life, the job isn't done until the government says so. Building inspections occur at specific points during the building project, and "final inspection" or simply "final" is it's culmination. It's the final seal of approval validating your builder's work and your abilty to occupy and enjoy your new home. As a full service home builder, Osgood Construction works with inspectors and officials to insure a smooth process from start to finish.

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